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Aesthetic Dentistry is to plan a healthy and aesthetic smile in line with the patient’s personal wishes. The teeth are lined up harmoniously with each other and the soft tissues surrounding them. The basic elements of the aesthetic smile are the teeth, and therefore, having a thorough knowledge of tooth shapes and anatomical features is the basis of all treatments. The inner and outer edges of the contours should be examined to get a better idea of ​​how a well-designed smile should be.


Patients who have lost their natural teeth for various reasons such as trauma, gum disease and caries; It is a form of treatment where the patient’s tooth deficiency is eliminated by placing titanium or ceramic based artificial roots on the jaw bone and making fixed or movable prostheses on them.


Tooth and Jaw Disorder Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment with Transparent Plate (Invisalign); It is an orthodontic treatment with special plaques produced as a result of the analyzes made for our patients. Since brackets and wires are not used, we can provide our patients with maximum comfort in their social lives. Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment is the most aesthetic and transparent solution that will help you get the smile you want.


Canal Treatment etc.

One of the most important goals of endodontic treatment is to seal the root canal system with an inert material from foramen apical to dentin-cement composition. In order to ensure that the root canals are filled perfectly, various canal filling pastes with gutta-percha are used. Although there are many channel fillers available today, the search for the ideal channel fill paste continues.


Gum Diseases Treatment

Periodontology is a part of dentistry, examining the anatomy, physiology and histology of the soft and hard tissues surrounding the teeth; is the science that investigates the diseases occurring in these tissues and provides the treatment of these diseases and the continuity of the health obtained as a result of the treatment.


Child Dental Treatment

Pedodontics (Children’s Dentistry), 0-13 years old children milk and
healthy protection of permanent teeth, caries, trauma, hereditary
and similar factors to solve the problems caused by these teeth
is a department that aims.


Prosthetic dental treatment is the dentistry department that aims to regain lost teeth and intra-oral surrounding tissues. Loss of teeth and surrounding tissues will result in aesthetic, functional, phonetic and moral losses. For this reason, these losses must be compensated by making prostheses. Dental prostheses can be classified mainly as fixed prostheses, removable prostheses and implant prostheses.


Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery; congenital (congenital) and acquired (acquired) diseases of the soft and hard tissues in the mouth, chin and face, and medical and surgical treatment of aesthetic, functional and phonetic problems caused by infectious, traumatic and all kinds of pathological causes.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening method (Bleaching), with some special medicines, dental stones, tea, coffee, cigarettes, etc. It is the method applied to lighten the colors of the teeth, which have changed color with factors. Different colors require different treatments. Therefore, it is best to decide what type of application should be done with our dentist and not to use the bleaching products sold in the market without consulting your doctor.


Today, the appearance and the impact we have on people are very important to all of us. Therefore, having a bad breath that will disturb the people with whom it communicates can disrupt the person’s psychology. Halitosis treatment is provided by removing the odor causing discomfort.


It is the general care of the mouth, teeth and gums, it is a refreshing process. Dental Cleaning is performed for white teeth, healthy gums and a breath. In Dental Cleaning; Dental stone cleaning, gum treatment and care, plaque cleaning and control, and bleaching applications are performed. After the procedure, the relaxation in your teeth and gums will bring smiling with confidence.

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